To cite your use of Reactome in your work: please cite these two recent Reactome publications:

To cite a Reactome pathway: Please use the appropriate DOI from the Table of Contents. You can read more about the way DOIs are assigned and used in Reactome here. You can add a DOI to the end of your citation following the appropriate style. Generally these citations follow this format: Author, A. (year). Title of article. Journal Title, X, xxx–xxx. doi:xxxxxx Please find examples here:

To cite Reactome files obtained via the World Wide Web: Reactome project. “Reactome” (date of message or visit).

To cite Reactome files available for download: Reactome project. “Reactome” (date of access). When citing information obtained in a search of Reactome it should be remembered that while Reactome strives to contain the most current and accurate data, Reactome should not be used in citations where other primary sources of information are available.

To cite a Reactome image When citing a Reactome image please provide the stableID or the DOI of the pathway that the image is associated with. Use the text “Image for “name of pathway”. Examples: Author, A. (year). Image for “Title of pathway”. Reactome, release#, doi:xxxxxx or Author, A. (year). Image for “Title of pathway”. Reactome, release#, StableID: R-HSA-xxxxxx.x 

If you re-use a Reactome icon, please cite: Sidiropoulos et al. 2017 PMID: 29077811