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1474166 9780120884650 Evan Jones, R Human reproductive biology
3000162 Hay, Elizabeth Cell Biology of Extracellular Matrix
1430746 Oppenheim, J Cytokines and the immune system Cytokine Reference
8935686 Yamada's Textbook of Gastroenterology 978-1-118-51206-7 Yamada, Tadataka
983716 0-87893-741-2 Neuroscience (2nd ed.) Chapter 4: Channels and Transporters PURVES, D
2008063 0-87969-571-4 Retroviruses Coffin, JM Synthesis, Assembly, and Processing of Viral Proteins
2226062 0079130356 Scriver, CR The Mucopolysaccharidoses The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, 8th ed
6788741 0716730510 Chapter 23. Protein Turnover and Amino Acid Catabolism Berg, Jeremy M Biochemistry, 5th Edition
2045955 1-893997-17-0 gamma-linolenic acid Antiatherogenic Potential of gamma Linolenic Acid Huang, YS
2160901 9780080443829 Chemistry and Biology of Hyaluronan Garg, HG
2327722 9780824746520 Proteoglycans structure, biology, and molecular interactions Heparan sulfate proteoglycans in basement membranes Iozzo, Renato
2167859 9780849387326 Genetic Analysis of Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis Coenzyme Q: Molecular Mechanisms in Health and Disease Kagan, VE
981460 9780879697709 Essentials of Glycobiology, 2nd edition O-GalNAc Glycans Brockhausen, I
2197818 Aspects of Protein Structure Recent studies with the electron microscope on ordered aggregates of the tropocollagen macromolecule Ramachandran, GN
2132046 Avian Innate Immune Responses 978-012-370634-8 Avian Immunology Davison, F
164244 Basic Medical Biochemistry: A Clinical Approach, 2nd ed Marks, AL Pathways of Sugar Metabolism 0781721458
2252627 Beta-galactosidase deficiency (beta-galactosidosis): GM1 gangliosidosis and Morquio B disease 0079130356 Scriver, CR The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, 8th ed
188450 Biochemistry, 4th ed Stryer, L 21: Oxidative Phosphorylation 0716720094
2066717 Biosketch, M 978-0-12-417762-8 Docosahexaenoic acid Nutrient Metabolism
5467311 Biotransformation of Aflatoxin B1 and Its Relationship with the Differential Toxicological Response to Aflatoxin in Commercial Poultry Species, 978-953-307-395-8 Aflatoxins - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Guevara-Gonzalez, Ramon
8876396 Brooks, Geo F Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology, Twenty Fifth Edition Aerobic Nonspore-Forming Gram-Positive Bacilli: Corynebacterium, Listeria, Erysipelothrix, Actinomycetes & Related Pathogens 9780071624961
3296193 Chemistry of gustatory stimuli Firestein, S Olfaction and taste
2022495 Collagen: primer in structure, processing and assembly Brinckmann, J Intracellular Post Translational Modifications of Collagens 3-540-23272-9
2559630 Collagens, Suprastructures, and Collagen Fibril Assembly Mecham, RP The Extracellular Matrix: An Overview 978-3-642-16555-9
2285532 Dermatology: 2-Volume Set 1416029990 Rapini, RP
70661 Disorders of proline and hydroxyproline metabolism 0079130356 Scriver, Charles R The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, 8th ed
2022497 Extracellular Matrix Biochemistry Piez, K Chemistry of the collagens and their distribution 978-0444007995
2399433 Fibrillogenesis and Maturation of Collagens Dynamics of Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Seibel, Markus 978-0-12-088562-6
3597654 Hay, Elizabeth Cell Biology of Extracellular Matrix Proteoglycans: structure and function
2173540 Humoral Pattern Recognition Molecules: Mannan-Binding Lectin and Ficolins 978-1-4419-0901-5_5 Target Pattern Recognition in Innate Immunity Kishore, U
3009251 Innate Immunity 978-081-534123-9 Immunobiology Janeway C, Jr
3245893 Intrinsic factor, haptocorrin and their receptors. Chemistry and Biochemistry of B12. Banerjee, Ruma 0471253901, 9780471253907
1474202 Matrix Metalloproteinases and TIMPs Woessner, J 0 19 850268 0
6798562 Metallothioneins Binding, Transport and Storage of Metal Ions in Biological Cells 978-1-84973-599-5 Blindauer, Claudia A
5683085 Molecular Mechanisms of Vesicular Traffic (Section 17.10) Lodish, HF 0-7167-3136-3 Molecular Cell Biology. 4th edition
5602328 Ochs, Hans D 9780195389838 Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases: A Molecular and Genetic Approach, third edition
1810402 Oncogenes 0-86720-937-2 Protein-Tyrosine Kinases and Growth Factor Receptors Cooper, GM
8856615 Overview of the glycosylated components of the bacterial cell envelope. Microbial Glycobiology: Structures, Relevance and Applications Moran, Anthony P 9780123745460
174537 Paul, W Complement Fundamental Immunology 0781735149
1458605 Paul, W Innate Immune System Fundamental Immunology 0781735149
8933045 Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins and Lysozyme Encyclopedia of Immunobiology Ratcliffe, Michael 9780123742797
2008088 Post-translational modification of proteins Harding, J Hydroxylation of proline and lysine residues in collagens and other animal and plant proteins.
2028997 Rosales, C 9780387254197 Phospholipases and Phagocytosis Molecular Mechanisms of Phagocytosis
2299693 Seibel, Markus 978-0-12-088562-6 Dynamics of Bone and Cartilage Metabolism: Principles and Clinical Applications Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans
2299641 Seibel, Markus Dynamics of Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Supramolecular Structure of Cartilage Matrix 978-0-12-088562-6
2173445 Structure and Function of Ficolins 978-0387-32231-5 Current Topics in Complement Lambris, JD
2672358 TRP Channels Xhu, Michael Chapter 3 Activation of TRP Channels in Mammalian Systems 9781439818602
110077 The Enzymes, 3rd ed Boyer, PD Adenylate kinase 0121227022
70473 The Enzymes, 3rd ed Boyer, PD Aldose-ketose isomerases 0121227022
110098 The Enzymes, 3rd ed Boyer, PD Nucleoside and nucleotide kinases 0121227022
110590 The Enzymes, 3rd ed Boyer, PD Nucleoside diphosphokinases 0121227022
71618 The Enzymes, 3rd ed Boyer, PD Phosphofructokinase 0121227022
70786 The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, 8th ed Scriver, CR Branched chain organic acidurias 0079130356
71000 The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, 8th ed Scriver, CR Disorders of propionate and methylmalonate metabolism 0079130356
71113 The Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease, 8th ed Scriver, CR Disorders of tetrahydrobiopterin and related biogenic amines 0079130356