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Identifier Name
R-NUL-901056 (Glc)1 (GlcNAc)2 (Man)7bc [endoplasmic reticulum lumen]
R-NUL-901027 (Glc)1 (GlcNAc)2 (Man)8c [endoplasmic reticulum lumen]
R-NUL-901089 (GlcNAc)2 (Man)7bc [endoplasmic reticulum lumen]
R-ALL-162704 (ethanolamineP) mannose (a1-2) mannose (a1-6) (ethanolamineP) mannose (a1-4) glucosaminyl-acyl-PI [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
R-NUL-8855663 (ethanolamineP) mannose (a1-4) glucosaminyl-acyl-PI [integral component of lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
R-NUL-5223341 23mer peptide [cytosol]
R-NUL-5223344 23mer peptide [lysosomal lumen]
R-NUL-6809811 2E-phytenoyl-CoA [peroxisomal matrix]
R-NUL-164296 2Fe-2S [mitochondrial inner membrane]
R-NUL-189408 2Iron-2Sulfur Cluster [mitochondrial matrix]
R-NUL-927738 3' Fragment of Cleaved mRNA [cytosol]
R-NUL-75155 3' ends of DNA double strand break [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-75156 3' overhanging DNA at resected DSB ends [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-5685984 3' short overhanging ssDNA-DSBs [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-71998 3'-end cleaved mRNA with spliced exons [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-72184 3'-polyadenylated, capped pre-mRNA [nucleoplasm]
R-ALL-5690881 4Fe-4S [cytosol]
R-NUL-164292 4Fe-4S [mitochondrial inner membrane]
R-NUL-169274 4Fe-4S [mitochondrial matrix]
R-NUL-927835 5' Fragment of Cleaved mRNA [cytosol]
R-NUL-6782202 5'-incised damaged DNA:trimmed nascent mRNA [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-1964477 5'-ppp-AU-rich dsRNA [cytosol]
R-NUL-109735 6-O-methyguanine containing damaged DNA [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-75088 A to I edited RNA [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-72700 AUG start codon [nucleoplasm]
R-ALL-8851965 Activated T Cell surface [plasma membrane]
R-NUL-1225892 Activin Response Element [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-113680 Alkylated DNA with 1-ethyladenine [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-113675 Alkylated DNA with 1-methyladenine [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-113679 Alkylated DNA with 3-methylcytosine [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-2454186 Allergin [extracellular region]
R-NUL-2103117 Amino Acid [periplasmic space]
R-NUL-5687490 Annealed microhomologous 3'-ssDNA overhangs-DSB [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-983667 Antigen [extracellular region]
R-NUL-2213221 Antigen [lysosomal lumen]
R-NUL-173548 Antigen [plasma membrane]
R-NUL-983326 Antigen peptide [ER to Golgi transport vesicle membrane]
R-NUL-983324 Antigen peptide [Golgi membrane]
R-NUL-166718 Bacterial mannose surface pattern [plasma membrane]
R-NUL-75085 C to U edited ApoB RNA [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-176398 C-strand Okazaki fragment [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-176397 C-strand Okazaki fragment minus Flap [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-112158 Capped intronless pre-mRNA [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-983438 Cell surface [plasma membrane]
R-NUL-2132109 Cell-surface carbohydrates [plasma membrane]
R-NUL-1248673 Cetuximab [extracellular region]
R-NUL-75807 Chk1/Ckk2(Cds1) [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-5686442 Cleaved D-loop [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-426511 Cleaved RNA with 5' Phosphate and 3' Hydroxyl [cytosol]
R-NUL-2520884 Condensed prometaphase chromosomes [cytosol]
R-NUL-2520882 Condensed prophase chromosomes [cytosol]
R-NUL-2294602 Condensed prophase chromosomes [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-211242 DFF cleaved DNA fragments [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-5686618 DNA DSB with annealed 3' overhanging ssDNA and flaps [nucleoplasm]
R-NUL-2203467 DNA [extracellular region]