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Identifier Name
R-HSA-874079 AIM2 oligomerizes
R-HSA-936986 Activated TRAF6 synthesizes unanchored polyubiquitin chains
R-HSA-450358 Activated TRAF6 synthesizes unanchored polyubiquitin chains upon TLR stimulation
R-HSA-977136 Amyloid precursor proteins form ordered fibrils
R-HSA-5607737 BCL10 oligomerizes
R-HSA-5607753 CARD9 oligomerizes
R-HSA-5690669 CD22 binds itself to form homo-oligomers
R-HSA-3928591 EPH:EFN tetramers oligomerise
R-HSA-2129375 Elastin cross-linking by lysyl oxidase
R-HSA-2129362 Fibrillin microfibril assembly
R-HSA-6810357 Fillagrin and keratin intermediate filaments polymerise forming a network
R-HSA-2213195 Formation of anchoring fibrils
R-HSA-2213201 Formation of collagen fibres
R-HSA-1474266 Formation of collagen fibrils
R-HSA-6809663 Formation of hair keratin fibres
R-HSA-2426676 Formation of laminin networks
R-HSA-6806629 Formation of tonofilament bundles
R-HSA-982765 Growth hormone forms dimers and oligomers
R-HSA-2160851 HAS1,2,3 mediate the polymerisation of HA
R-HSA-6806610 Keratin filament formation
R-HSA-5607736 MALT1 oligomerizes
R-HSA-5357927 MLKL oligomerizes
R-HSA-844438 NLRP1 oligomerizes
R-HSA-1296421 NLRP3 oligomerizes via NACHT domains
R-HSA-8938073 PARPs transfer ADP-D-ribose to proteins (poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation)
R-HSA-5218905 RIPK1:RIPK3 oligomerizes to form amyloid-like fibrils
R-HSA-8943987 SCUBE1, SCUBE3 oligomerize
R-HSA-5607751 TRAF6 oligomerizes