Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database


Reactome Community Outreach takes on a variety of forms, such as public talks, lectures, visiting universities and colleges and supporting traditional science events (meetings, conferences, and workshops). Education is a major focus of Reactome community outreach and aims to inform biologists, clinicians, and bioinformaticians about what Reactome can do. Reactome training teaches new and current users how to use Reactome resources to help meet the efforts of their organizations, groups, or specific audience.

Reactome Outreach describes how Reactome is engaging with its user community.

Reactome Events lists all the upcoming Reactome talks and workshops, and archives what where we’ve presented.

Reactome Training provides a set of tutorial materials, training videos and Reactome documentation that you might find useful.

Reactome Publications is where you can read and learn about Reactome through our list of publications.

Reactome Icon Library is a community library of icons that are used in the Reactome Enhanced High Level Diagrams (EHLD). We would like to develop the EHLD library further as a community resource. If you use library elements, and design similar elements that are still missing, we would be very happy to incorporate them into the library, naming you as the author. Contact us at

Partners list other bioinformatics resources that have integrated Reactome web services, widgets and tools into their website.

Papers Citing Reactome lists the hundreds of peer-reviewed publications that cite one or more of the Reactome Publications.

Resource Guide indexes over 150 websites, databases, software tools and research projects that use Reactome data, or link to the Reactome website.

Mailing List is where you can keep track of what is going on at Reactome by subscribing to our mailing list.