Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database

Reactome Training

User’s Guide

One of our most valuable user documents is the Reactome User’s Guide. Please look through the guide and contact us if our guide needs something new.

Reactome Tutorial Material

Tutorial workshop slides.  These slides introduce new users to Reactome.

Tutorial handout. This document provides additional information about the Reactome website and suite of data analysis tools, including exercises to allow you to check your understanding. Answers are provided and were correct when written, but please note that answers may change over time as more pathways are added to Reactome.
Pathways and Networks Overview. These slides provide and overview of pathway and network resources for data visualisation, analysis, and integration.
Reactome FI Viz app. These slides provide an introduction to the Reactome Functional Interaction Network and Cytoscape app.
Reactome Questions and Answers provides a series of questions and answers to demonstrate the functionality of the Reactome FI Viz app.  

Online Tutorial

This online course is available from EBI – Reactome: exploring and analysing biological pathway

Reactome Youtube Video 

This is the online video available from YouTube: Reactome Pathway Browser 3.2.