Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database


Reactome can also be used for data mining and large–scale analysis of gene, protein and metabolite lists. Some of these tools are covered in more detail in the User Guide.

Pathway Browser is a tool for visualizing and interacting with Reactome biological pathways.

Analyze Data tool merges pathway identifier mapping, over-representation, and expression analysis tools into a single tabbed data analysis portal with integrated visualization and summary features, which can accept a gene, protein or small molecule list, or an expression dataset.

Species Comparison allows you to compare pathways between human and any of the other species inferred from Reactome by orthology

Reactome FI Network Cytoscape plugin is designed to find network patterns related to cancer and other types of diseases.

Advanced Search allows for a more detailed specification of the data object class in which to search, and allows searches that use multiple attributes.

Author/Reviewer Search allows users to query the Reactome database for their pathway contributions, and download their contributions as a citation for importation into ORCID

Analysis Service provides support for third-party integration of the Reactome Pathway Analysis Tools

Content Service allows users programmatic access the entire Reactome knowledgebase